"Erin Smith is the best!!! I had an opportunity to have Ms. Smith represent me for my speeding ticket in VA Fairfax County. After speaking to several traffic attorneys, I found her very professional, knowledgeable, polite and reasonable compared to other attorneys I spoke with. She explained to me all the possible outcomes that I could get, though didn't guarantee anything, which was understandable. She got me the best outcome on the day of my court hearing. From speeding down to fail to obey a highway sign, with the lowest fine and no demerit points. I am so impressed and would definitely recommend her. Thank you Erin!" - N.Jain


"The most professional attorney I have ever met. She took care of my speeding ticket with ease, everything was done online, I even forgot I had a court case until I received her email saying a much lesser charge with no points was charged now against me!! She said this would be easy and she was right!!! please don't think twice about not using an attorney or even using someone else. She really knows what she's doing!!! Thank you, Erin!!!!" -Husam A.