Divorce & Family Law

Uncontested Divorces

Divorce is a legal method of terminating a marriage contract between two people. If there are no custody, support or property decisions that a judge needs to decide, one of the parties can request an “ore tenus” hearing in Circuit Court. After hearing the testimony of one of the parties and an independent witness, if all statutory requirements have been met, the judge will enter a Final Decree of Divorce, and at that time, the divorce becomes final.


Family Law

When you are faced with an important life decision regarding a key family relationship, the advice and assistance of a family law attorney is crucial to your understanding of the issues involved and your satisfaction with the ultimate outcome of your family law matter. Let the Smith Firm assist you through this complicated and stressful part of your life. An attorney who understands the system and who is willing to fight for your rights can make the experience much less stressful.

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