Request Your Driving Record

​Did you know that, for a small fee, you can request a copy of your driving record from the DMV? Various types of transcripts of your driving record are available:

  • Driver/Personal Use – For personal or non-official use only, this transcript contains up to 11 years of your driving history.

  • Driver/Employment – For use by employers or prospective employers, this transcript contains up to 7 years of driving history.   Transcripts are free for many government agencies, court officials, state’s attorneys, volunteers for certain organizations such as volunteer fire departments & rescue squads, and other named volunteer organizations.

  • Driver/Insurance – Five years of history for use by insurance companies.

  • Driver/Habitual Offender Restoration – Contains up to 11 years of driving history, and is used to petition the court of driver’s license restoration.

Additionally, reports will also be issued for participants in these programs:

Mandatory Driving Record Monitoring Program ​

The DMV provides driving records of public school bus drivers as well as public, private, and commercial driving school instructors.  Upon conviction of Reckless Driving, DUI, or license suspensions, the DMV notifies employers, schools, and licensing authorities.  Your employer will also be notified if you are a driving instructor and accumulate more than 6 demerit points.

​Driver Alert Voluntary Record Monitoring  Program

​This program allows employers to be immediately informed when the driving records of employees change, allowing for quicker discovery of DUI or other convictions or suspensions that may render employees ineligible to drive.


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