Erin is a fantastic attorney! She is very composed and understanding. She didn't get annoyed by my many questions and answered all of my emails promptly. I highly recommend her and her services.

Eva T. -*****

I am totally impressed with Ms. Erin Smith. I was able to consult with her, whereby she provided excellent information about the manner in which the Arlington County traffic court system works and what I could expect as a result. She was right on point, and her representation in traffic court in the Commonwealth of Virginia (Arlington) resulted in a small fine and court cost with no points on my driving record nor any negative insurance ramifications. I highly recommend Ms. Smith to anyone who has a traffic violation.

Mel T.-****

Erin Smith help me with my speeding reckless ticket dropped it down to normal speed ticket. She explained the final out come with a professional letter. I will call her again if i need an attorney. Her price was very reasonable comparing to others.


Husam A

*****"The most professional attorney I have ever met. She took care of my speeding ticket with ease , everything was done online, I even forgot I had a court case until I received her email saying a much lessor charge with no points was charged now against me!! She said this would be easy and she was right!!! please don't think twice about not using an attorney or even using some one else. She really knows what she's doing!!! Thank you Erin!!!!"

Emily P

*****"Very Pleased! Erin did exactly what I needed her to do, was very accommodating and I am very happy with the outcome. I highly recommend her!"

Neil N

***** "I'll start by saying so glad that i got help from Erin Smith! She was very nice, professional and helpful. She told me what i needed to do. I did it and when the time came. She did her job flawlessly. She helped me out with my Reckless ticket that i got on my motorcycle. She had it dropped to a non moving violation and no points. Like it was nothing. Thanks again Erin! You're the MVP! Highly recommended!"

Tonya McNair

***** "Efficient and right on time... Thank you so much Erin!"

M. Reder

***** "Erin and her firm was truthfully the best choice to make for my legal representation. She was professional, yet personable and very knowledgeable about all potential outcomes that could occur. Erin made the entire situation seem much more comfortable and didn't bog me down with uncomfortable propaganda that would make me feel like I could be arrested at any moment! She made me feel like that my case was of the upmost importance, was always quick to communicate any changes to my case while still willing to answer any questions that I had. Not using Erin would be a mistake."

Anand A.

***** "Erin was very easy to work with and explained everything thoroughly"

Mark Quiriconi

***** "Erin was excellent to worth with. Highly recommended!"

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