Erin is a fantastic attorney! She is very composed and understanding. She didn't get annoyed by my many questions and answered all of my emails promptly. I highly recommend her and her services.

Eva T. -*****

I am totally impressed with Ms. Erin Smith. I was able to consult with her, whereby she provided excellent information about the manner in which the Arlington County traffic court system works and what I could expect as a result. She was right on point, and her representation in traffic court in the Commonwealth of Virginia (Arlington) resulted in a small fine and court cost with no points on my driving record nor any negative insurance ramifications. I highly recommend Ms. Smith to anyone who has a traffic violation.

Mel T.-****

Erin Smith help me with my speeding reckless ticket dropped it down to normal speed ticket. She explained the final out come with a professional letter. I will call her again if i need an attorney. Her price was very reasonable comparing to others.

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